EASNA Announces First Lobby Days in Ottawa, Washington, DC

The Employee Assistance Society of North America will hold its first lobby days this fall in the capitals of Canada and the United States. The events are part of the growing list of activities initiated by the trade association’s Advocacy Committee. Participation is open to all EASNA members.

Following are the dates for the two events:

  • Ottawa, Canada, October 17-18;
  • Washington, DC, October 3-4.

Participants will participate in final planning and training on the first day and visit with legislators on the second day.

EASNA President Francois Legault describes the goal of the event as an important step in raising awareness of and appreciation for the value of employee assistance programs: “One of EASNA’s goals is to become the recognized EAP industry representative in the eyes of US and Canadian legislators and regulators. In that capacity we believe we can positively influence legislation and regulation to create a favorable business and clinical climate so that EAP programs grow and flourish in North America.”

EASNA has posted several training documents on its new Advocacy web pages. Lobby day participants will receive training before and at these events. Participants do not need previous experience as grassroots lobbyists. Legault notes, “We need EAP experts—individuals who are credible industry professionals who can be the knowledgeable voice of EAPs and ensure that North American governments appreciate the value of EAP and ensure its vibrant future through favorable legislation and regulation.”

As the employee assistance industry’s trade association, EASNA advances the competitive excellence of its members by fostering best practices, research, education, and advocacy in behavioral health and wellness that impacts workplace performance.

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