Selecting and Strengthening Employee Assistance Programs: A Purchaser’s Guide

The guide was developed by EAP professionals and researchers and completed under the auspices of EASNA’s Knowledge Transfer and Research Committee.  Copies are only available from this website.

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EASNA Research Notes

The Knowledge Transfer and Research (KTR) Committee publishes EASNA Research Notes addressing topics of current interest in the behavioral healthcare field.

Submitting Articles for the Notes

KTR accepts articles from members and nonmembers related to best-practice, cutting-edge research, and innovation that can be shared throughout the EAP field and beyond. Consider submitting if

  • you are looking for a quick and easy way to share your work with a large EAP audience; or,
  • you recently published research in a peer-reviewed journal and want to be sure the rest of the EAP field knows about your primary findings and where to read the results of your full study; or
  • you submitted an abstract to the EASNA Institute or another national conference, were not selected as a presenter, but still want to share your research with the EAP field.

Articles may be up to 2,000 words. For a copy of the complete author guidelines, EASNA-Research-Notes-Guidelines.


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Volume 1


The Value of Employee Assistance Programs

EASNA has prepared a one-page document that summarizes documented evidence supporting the value of Employee Assistance Programs as a means of improving the mental health of employees, in supporting employee wellness, and in reducing absenteeism and presenteeism associated with loss of productivity. The brief Includes 29 references to research studies.

Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health

In Spring 2005, the new and revised Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health (formerly EAQ) will make its inaugural debut. Paul Maiden, editor, in collaboration with Haworth Press, has revitalized this peer review journal with a new name and new cover which reflect changes in the industry, and encourage research submissions from a broader array of arenas. The content has expanded to a more Behavioral Health Focus and currently is attracting an international audience of researchers. In addition to the general volumes which consist of a variety of research articles, Content Issues have been developed in some of the following areas: Accreditation; The Alliance; Integration of EAP, W/L and Wellness; Labor Issues and Aging Issues. Currently this is the premier research journal in the EAP Field which has begun to expand to overlapping and related fields of interests Available with EASNA membership.

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