Work-Life is the goal to perfectly balance our responsibilities on the job with responsibilities at home. But this is often difficult. The lines between work and home are blurred with the increased use of laptops, pagers, and cell phones. Employees are bringing their work home and, conversely, home to work. Employers are downsizing while at the same time upsizing their work load.

Everyday, employees are faced with the ever increasing challenge to maintain the delicate balance between their careers and home lives, which is often compounded by dependent care, financial and legal issues. There are many employees with children and special needs children, an increase employee population with elderly parents, as well as the sandwich generation. Employees juggling both teenage children as well as elderly parents.

Because unchecked work-life issues usually evolve into EAP issues, many Employee Assistance providers now incorporate aspects of work-life into their service offering to increase utilization and employee productivity.